body care cosmetic est. 2022

About Us

to be is a brand that creates incredible personal care products and fills them with special senses in 2022 in Kyiv.

We know that Ukrainian beauty products can be of high quality and stylish.

We are sure that the moments for oneself is an integral part of body and soul harmony.

We use eco-friendly packaging that is easily recyclable.

We have advanced formulas for each of our products.

We keep a close watch on the innovations and trends to create products you fall in love with from the first touch and that will become a perfect component of personal care.

We support Ukrainian businesses, and collaborate only with local manufacturers.

We are proud that all the products of our brand are cruelty-free, and eco-friendly: none of the components or our products are tested on animals. It is an inviolable principle for us.

We added a nice and eco-friendly option of the candle packaging, made of agricultural waste and mycelium, which fully degrades in 40 days.

Our products are microbiome friendly due to the prebiotics in their formula that help maintain healthy skin microbiome.

We know that proper hydration is important for skin. That is why each to be beauty product has lamellar base.

We believe that scent plays an important role, so we choose some special unisex fragrances for our products that will touch everyone’s feelings.

We believe that together we are making the world a better place.

With love and care, founders, sisters

Olya and Olesia

Brand’s mission

Transform your daily self-care routine into a delightful ritual. We believe that taking care of yourself and your body is an integral part of self-love, rather than just a checkbox on every woman's "to do" list.